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Walking the Walk

For a touch of history woven into a literary escapade, join me on a monthly afternoon walking tour of Perth city to some of the spots and scenes from The Magpie’s Nest. We meet at London Court at 4.30 pm and wind up outside the famed ‘shop’ at 6 pm. Upcoming dates are 25 July, 22 August, 26 September, 24 October, 21 November. For bookings, please contact me at And it’s free!

This from the Lord Mayor of Perth, Mrs Lisa Scaffidi: “I want to congratulate Jacqueline for being the type of author/person we need to celebrate in our City. She takes walking tours monthly & anyone who’s interested can attend. I recommend buying the book too. Jacqueline is currently working on the sequel.”

The Modern World Catches up with Us All

First it was a paperback available at independent book shops and here:

Now it has been converted to a jungle creature of Amazon making it also available here:

Next – an audio book, perchance? Watch this space for available where …


Review courtesy of Leatherboundpounds

This novel felt like the literary equivalent of a warm cup of tea. It was comforting. Charming even. When I finished it my face was sore from smiling. Perry-Strickland invokes a wonderful sense of place, filling in her depiction of Perth with all the right details, from the unnamed newspaper social pages editor I recognised from her description to Eliza’s changing wardrobe to the wind tunnel of St George’s Terrace. Sally irritated me with her complaints about Perth life, though perhaps only because it cut a little close to the bone. Ruby was an absolute delight and I discovered a desperate desire to find myself work in a costume shop. This is a light read and I blasted through it in a matter of days. Good fun.

Read it: at Cottesloe Beach or at the South Perth foreshore on a long summer afternoon. Pop into the Ocean Beach Hotel or the Windsor for a cider when you’re done.

Viv and Loz

This excerpt from a reader’s letter:

I too love His Majesty’s Theatre. I lived in Perth for 4 years in my teens and the first time I went to The Maj was to see Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier with The Old Vic. It was as your book says the first “big time” theatre for years. I was boarding with some people then and the lady decided we were going. But I said I had nothing to wear – it was formal dress. So she made me my first long dress! Of course I loved the theatre. A wonderful memory.

Putting the ‘Me’ in the Media

A favourable review of the novel in The West Australian (‘a delight from start to finish’), articles in the Stanthorpe Border Post and the Vic Park Southern Gazette, and one to come in the December edition of Scoop magazine. Not to mention the spot on Foxtel’s ‘On the Couch’ coming up. Glad I have the green cheongsam on side to bedazzle as I discombobulate.

My first review – by William Yeoman, books editor for The West Australian

“Being an Anglophile, I immediately empathised with the heroine of Perry-Strickland’s debut novel, Sally Boleyn, who as she flies into Perth wonders whether she could ‘commandeer the aircraft and force a return to London’. Then she starts working for Ruby at The Magpie’s Nest costume shop and suddenly life’s a cabaret. A mystery in six acts taking in many of Perth’s olde-worlde delights such as His Majesty’s Theatre, The Magpie’s Nest is written in snappy, sassy prose and a delight from start to finish.”