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Full Steam Ahead, and don’t spare the ‘orses

Nothing like a mixed metaphor. Launch happening tomorrow, 3 November, and copies already available at: Crow Books and Nosh Gourmet Food and Gifts in East Vic Park, Simply Fabulous in Vic Park, Millpoint Caffe Bookshop in South Perth, Northside Books in Northbridge, Beaufort Street Books in Mt Lawley, and New Edition in Fremantle; with The Well Bookshop in Applecross and Subiaco Books getting on board.

In Busselton you can find the novel at Barefoot Books, Viva Books, the Courthouse Gallery and the Visitor Centre. And in Denmark at Tea House Books.

Anybody out there?

And then there were 22. Twenty-five boxes of copies of the novel arrived a fortnight ago. Three boxes have sold pre-release. Two book launches coming up in the upcoming fortnight. Am feeling the pressure to keep it all together in these unchartered waters with only my own nous for a paddle. The BUY NOW button is at:



It’s gone

I’ve given the go ahead to hit the print button! The next time I view The Magpie’s Nest it will be in boxes alighting a truck. I wonder how it will look and feel (probably just like a paperback book) but, more importantly, I wonder how it will be received. And who’ll twig to solve the mystery at the end?

Fiddly punctuation

So, lay and lie have been dealt with – twice as it turns out; a ridiculous semi-colon has been banished; but my over-usage of the ellipsis … must remain and be reined in in the sequel, The Cat’s Miaow. Going over the type-set pdf as opposed to the A4 manuscript, which I was so used to, made every minor flaw jump off the page. This was good and bad – good because I could correct it before it went to print; bad because I tied myself up in knots again wondering how terribly I’d be crucified by the grammar police. Writing – it’s not for the faint-hearted!

Almost there!

The last read-through of the manuscript before final typesetting and still teeny tiny errors crop up. A ‘lay’ instead of a ‘lie’ when clearly ‘lie’ should have been used and the five people who have proofread the manuscript in its end form should have picked up on … but we didn’t. And all I can think of is everyone sniggering that I can’t tell a lay from a lie. (But what gal can tell a lay from a lie?) So that’s where I’m at and someone really should hand me a glass of wine.