Review courtesy of Leatherboundpounds

This novel felt like the literary equivalent of a warm cup of tea. It was comforting. Charming even. When I finished it my face was sore from smiling. Perry-Strickland invokes a wonderful sense of place, filling in her depiction of Perth with all the right details, from the unnamed newspaper social pages editor I recognised from her description to Eliza’s changing wardrobe to the wind tunnel of St George’s Terrace. Sally irritated me with her complaints about Perth life, though perhaps only because it cut a little close to the bone. Ruby was an absolute delight and I discovered a desperate desire to find myself work in a costume shop. This is a light read and I blasted through it in a matter of days. Good fun.

Read it: at Cottesloe Beach or at the South Perth foreshore on a long summer afternoon. Pop into the Ocean Beach Hotel or the Windsor for a cider when you’re done.

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